TBL Seminar

This is a seminar about Team-Based Learning (TBL). If you visit this page after following an invitation for an upcoming seminar, you can head directly to the preparation section.


I offer the 2-hour seminar about once a year, with announcement in Innsida. If you want to get a notification about an upcoming seminar, feel free to register your email address.

If you are instead interested in the 20-hour module for pedagogic training at NTNU, register via Læringsportalen.

Learning Goals

After going through this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Recite the phases of a TBL unit.
  • Understand the main principles of TBL and explain them to others.
  • Evaluate the use of TBL for your own teaching.
  • Link the TBL mechanics to other pedagogical principles, like constructive alignment, active learning and flipped classroom.


To get the same experience as students attending a TBL session part of a course, you need to prepare for the seminar.

Preparation Material