Tools for Team-Based Learning

Course Setup

Teampy expects the following file and folder structure:

The top-level folder, here called course is a folder of your choice, usually a unique folder for your specific course and year. An example would be ttm4115-2018.

Students File

The students file is an Excel file with the name students.xlsx with a table that has the following columns:

id email lastname firstname team table
ab1 Berg Anna 14 7

The id for a student should be a short, unique identifier. It must not be the same as the identifier for a team. We propose to use a pattern ab1, where the first letter is the first letter of the student’s first name, the second letter the first letter of the students last name. The number is used to make the identifiers unique.

Example: A student named Kari Nordman gets the id kn1. Another student with the same initials gets the id kn2.

The table can contain an optional column table that lists the tables where everyone sits during the RAT. When you print the RAT for all students, the pages are then sorted by table, which makes distribution much quicker. If there is no table column, the RATs will be sorted by team.

Teams File

The teams file is an Excel file with the name teams.xlsx with the following columns:

id name pt
14 A-Team 30

The teams file is optional.

Scratch Cards File

The scratch cards file is optional. In this file, you can store solution patterns of scratch cards that you have on stock and that you use throughout the semester. Often, these cards have a short code (like F017) that identifies a specific solution pattern. When you store these codes in the file, you can simply select the code when you print RATs, instead of writing the entire solution.

The file simply contains one code in each line, separated with a colon.

F017: a b d c d b c a d d
F018: a d c b a d b b d c

The name of the file must be `scratchcards.txt’.

Readiness Assurance Tests (RATs)

Each RAT is stored in a separate folder, containing several files for each of them.

SMTP Settings

If you want to send the results of each RAT to your students, you need to configure a file with the SMTP settings of your email server. You can check the settings of your local email client (if it uses SMTP), or contact your IT support.

The file should look like this, obviously with the values changed to your settings:

port: 587


Teampy is written to be careful with your data. It distinguishes between files that are written by you, and files it generates. Still, backing up data is good practice anyway. Please always keep regular backups of your data. The files Teampy uses are relatively small even for large courses, so that you also can keep several backups over time.